A cloud computing service offers businesses a flexible technology solution. What is cloud computing? It is a technology, where your business data gets stored and accessed over the internet and not the hard drive of your computer. More than 50% of businesses spend $1.2 million annually on cloud services. Organizations have an in-house IT staff to handle their cloud technology, which does not mean that SMBs cannot benefit from it.

Service providers like Comactivity.Com.Au have been offering cloud solutions to leading organizations across South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Since 2005, this Sydney-based ComActivitiy team has been transforming supply chain businesses with advanced technology.

Small businesses can benefit from cloud technology

Technology advancement has caused a revolution in the worldwide business sector. The huge change is small businesses can also enjoy the benefits of cloud technologies.

Increase productivity

Cloud storage systems work on the internet and so all the data can get accessed from anywhere and at any time. It helps in enhancing employee efficiency and productivity. Now, you can gain access to an important file during crucial moments without any difficulty. Search technology has made finding files quickly without any need to remember the folder or file name.

Improves teamwork – Collaboration at the workplace is essential and clouds allow this to happen. There are cloud-based tools like shared calendars, online video conferencing, and even edit the shared files. Teamwork is made simple and with clarity, there is more productivity.


As your business expands, so does your storing needs. Cloud computing expands with your business easily.

When new employees get added, there is no need for downloading, installing, or updating the application. Gain access to it quickly from the cloud. You will need to pay more fees but it is much less than the purchase of more hardware. If your business contracts, you can reduce the needs and pay charges accordingly.

The cost of cloud service is less

Business needs more investment in server maintenance and utility charges to keep the equipment cool. Besides, there is a need to purchase a software license and upgrade the hardware whenever needed. On the other hand, using cloud services makes sense financially. The monthly charges are flexible as you pay for what you use.

Files are kept updated

The cloud storage and application gets shared on all kinds of devices. Whenever a modification is made or the applications get updated, sharing ensures that all your employees are working with the current version.

Better security

Storing on your personal server is risky, but data storage in the cloud offers better security. The cloud service providers are experts in offering strong protection to your sensitive data.

Quick backup recovery

Backup is crucial during natural or unnatural calamities like fire, hacking, stealing, deleting, and crashing of your system. The cloud services handle regular backup with software. During system failure or outages you can recover your latest updated system and start your activities without any downtime.

Cloud technology depends on internet connection and not on the server’s located on-the-premises. As data can be got from anywhere, your business can grab more opportunities beyond the normal markets. Small businesses can work globally even on a small scale.


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