Being the people of the 21st century, we should understand that the use of the internet comes with its downsides. The biggest downside is that since everyone is connected to everyone, privacy and security become an issue. Among many other things that you can do online today is trading. You can now trade not only from your home but literally from anywhere in the world. Since you can trade on your phones today, there is no reason to think that trading is difficult. However, the concern of security and safety remains there. That’s why I think a broker that gives these issues the biggest priority is the best one.

That’s where Genesis11 comes in. I can compare the features of this company with many other that provide similar services. It is better than many but still not the best. However, when it comes to safety and privacy, I don’t think I have found a better option. Let me tell you why.

Encryption of All Your Data

The data that you provide on any website is like naked information without any protection unless there is some security measure in place. When you talk about online information security, the biggest measure that a company can take is to introduce encryption. By encrypting your information, the company makes sure that your information travels safely all across the internet. I am glad to tell you that you will get utmost information safety when you sign up with Genesis11. The company has 128-bit encryption in place to ensure that every piece of data you submit to the company is safe.

Segregation of Funds and AML

The company also plays a huge role in protecting the money that you deposit in your online trading account. You can’t think about signing up with an online broker unless they ensure that your money will be safe. If you are not aware already, let me tell you that the best standard through which online companies ensure the security of your money is segregation. They put your money in regulated banks in the accounts that are opened specifically in your name. This means, every penny that you deposit in your account goes into accounts that are specifically for trader funds only.

However, if someone is trying to use these online trading accounts for laundering their illegally earned money, they will have to go through the filter of AML policy. The Anti-Money Laundering policy requires you to submit all your banking information with pictures as proof. Furthermore, it entails that you use the same account for depositing and withdrawing funds. Lastly, you can only use the account on which you have your name. If the account you are providing to the company belongs to someone else, they will not let you sign up.

KYC Policy

Again, this is yet another policy that is in place only for you. It will require you to submit your personal identification information in the form of pictures. You will have to provide the number your driver’s license or any government issued ID document and its picture. You will have to submit information of your location and physical address as well. That’s when you realize why KYC stands for Know Your Customer. You can only recognize your friends when you know their faces. In a similar manner, the company requires everyone to sign up with their personal identification information.

This way, no one can sign up using the information that they have stolen from someone. With Genesis11, you can be sure that the company will not let anyone sign up on its platform in your name because of the KYC policy.

Final Thoughts

If security is a big concern for you, then you are doing the right. If it is not, I recommend that you make it one. You can’t really get your hands on any money or trade any asset when someone else is using your info on some platform. With Genesis11, I am sure you will spend every day of your trading with peace of mind.

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