Are you planning to buy a tent? Then the 30×30 tent is just right for you. You will find the most important questions, which arise from many years of activity with frame Tent for most buyers, explained in an understandable online overview.

Size – which size for which group of people?

The party tent should not be too small so that it can be used multiple times. Combination tents are well suited; they can be built in different sizes. The yardstick is about half a square meter of space per party guest, and it shouldn’t be less, because when it rains everyone is safe in the party tent. And then it should also be cozy.

Material- Which material – PVC or PE?

The well-known “truck tarpaulin” is made of PVC, a very dense, heavy material, the material usually consists of 400 gr. PVC per m², in good quality also from 500 gr. PVC per m². PE is rather lighter, but also not as resistant. It therefore costs a little less and is constantly being developed. One tries to combine the advantages of PVC and the weight of PE. For now, however, you will notice differences. You should weigh up how often you use the party tent or tents. PVC – more suitable for long-term use. PE: Quick to set up, as not that difficult.

Waterproof – how is the tightness measured?

The impermeability of a material to water is measured in what is known as the millimeter water column. Such a column can be imagined visually. If a water column of about 3000 mm could act on the tarpaulin, it would be as if a vessel three meters high was resting on the tarpaulin without three water droplets penetrating the material. This standard is now also used for protective clothing.

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