Multiple sclerosis is considered to be a self-aggressive disease where you find the immune system attacking the central nervous system of the body. About 2.3 million people in the US suffer from MS.

It leads to damaging the protective layer found around the nerve fibers. When the CNS starts noticing the patches of scars by the aggressive nervous system, it starts sending false signals to the brain thereby leading to the symptoms.

Justcbdstore is a great CBD store for buying the right kind of CBD for treating multiple sclerosis. It has CBD products at reasonable rates and you get all types. MS slowly begins with inflammation of the brain. There is no cure for MS, but CBD helps in reducing the inflammation and slows down the movement of T cells across the blood barriers.

Types of Multiple Sclerosis

Depending on the severity of symptoms, Multiple sclerosis is divided into 4 types:

  • Primary-progressive

This develops steady symptoms without any kind of remission and affects only 15% of the MS cases when seen on average. It involves just a steady attack on myelin by leading to producing dangerous symptoms over time.

  • Relapse-remitting

This MS is related to the bursting of various symptoms like periods of remissions. The conditions generally worsen over some time. About 85% of people have experienced this sort of disease.

  • Clinically isolated Syndrome

It is the first kind of symptoms shown in people. The symptoms last for about 24 hours and as this happens only once, it is called clinically isolated.

  • Secondary-progressive

It is a kind of hybrid of relapse remitting and generally primary progressive MS. The MS develops with the initial symptoms showing turning into steady progressions of symptoms.

How CBD is used for treating MS?

  • CBD helps in reducing muscle spasticity

There was a meta-analysis in the year 2012 reviewing the effects of CBD and THC on muscle spasticity and researchers have found that overall extracts have been tolerated well and also helped in improving the symptoms in patients. This provided relief to all the patients.

  • Reducing of nerve pain

It was found that patients taking Sativex could deal with pain and there was a significant reduction in the pain sores found in the final week of the medical treatment. CBD can also treat other types of pain like neuropathic pains, arthritic, and also cancer pain.

Guide on using CBD for treatment of MS

Researchers have found that CBD used for MS is made using the combination of THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio. These two cannabinoids work together for providing relief to patients.

  • Finding the best products

It is better to use products of full-spectrum extract as they are available in plenty in the market. Separating the bad and the good is done by reading reviews of various users.

  • Assessing of the dosage

First estimate roughly about the dosage that you are planning to go through. It depends on the weight and the size of your body.


CBD and THC work extensively for providing relief to all symptoms and the ratio of 1:1 is perfect for offering maximum benefits.

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