You have decided to put a poll to know what the audience wants. It might seem easy, but it is not. Writing good survey questions capture the right audience. The poor questions are wasted time for both the researchers and users. With so published research online, it has become quick to create survey questions.

Ovation MR helps you on how to build a solid survey questionnaire for targeting customers. For the brands to understand what the customers like, they conduct research. The survey instruments are used in measuring and studying customer loyalty.

Ways of writing good survey questions

  • Using words having precise meanings

Try avoiding the phrases that the readers can’t catch up with. Some words like numerous, various, etc., have different meanings for various people. Avoid it so that the survey questions don’t convey different meanings to everyone. Make use of common words used on an everyday basis.

  • Writing of more straightforward questions

Make use of simple language while writing your questions. The only goal is to write questions understandable to readers. Besides, they have to understand the topic easily without re-reading the same questions. The best way is to write queries that you usually ask your friends.

  • Try to avoid double questions

Don’t ask questions that have two different questions in one. Likewise, these questions are problematic for the respondents as they get confused about which to reply to first. Ask single questions to get more accurate answers from the respondents.

  • While doing MCQs, cover all the questions without overlapping

In multiple-choice questions, the respondents have to give only one answer. Provide the respondents with a list of questions without overlapping any. For instance, if you ask the age, don’t give options like 18-25, 25-35, etc. This way, the 25 falls under both categories. It confuses them which one to choose.

  • Make the recalling easy

Make recalling the past easy for the respondents through the questions. Making minor edits can change so many things. After filling the survey, it should be an accurate one. Changing one question also takes all the extra efforts away.

The time of the customers is very precious. So, create meaningful questions in the first place.

  • Don’t give too many or too few options

When you can’t put an exact number in the survey keep the other option available. Don’t give too many options for a single question. Likewise, complete the survey with only likely questions that the customers find easy to answer.

  • Provide out for questions that don’t apply

The respondent can’t answer some questions because they don’t have experience of the same. For these questions, keep a “Does Not Apply” for the benefit of the customers. An Out question provides comfort to the customers that they can leave out the question.


After knowing what the survey questions are, plan out the best time to ask the customers. You can ask for feedback within days of giving the questionnaire to the people. If you are offering a brand new survey, surprise the customers by providing rewards or discounts.

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