One study revealed that the rate at which dirt and bacteria can be transferred from a shoe to a tile is between 99% and 90 percent.

Front door mats will keep your floors looking as good as new. Front door mats can prevent dirt and grime from getting tracked through your business, home, or office. These mats are more expensive than their protection for carpeting and floors. Clean Link – Reduce Dirt with Walk-Off Matting

A front door mat not only keeps your place clean but also provides many other benefits. You can read on to discover what it is and the benefits that it brings.

Deciding on the Style of Your Front Door Mat

After you’ve chosen the type and style of custom doormat you want, you can also choose the color.

They come in all types of indoor and outside welcome mats.

They are also available in many different sizes. Although the most popular shape is the rectangle, you can also order custom-shaped mats. Make sure the shape you choose is appropriate for the area where it will be placed.

A good anti-skid rug won’t slip on people who are trying to wipe it.

A logo mat is one of the most sought-after mats.

This customized welcome mat will allow you to include your company’s logo. These front door mats can protect your building from smaller particles.

A front mat on your office’s door will give it a more complete visual appeal. Even if customers and clients don’t notice the logo, subconsciously they will feel at ease with the logo.

These mats can be customized to suit your needs with a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Benefits of a Front Doormat

At first glance, a doormat may seem like an additional expense.

However, it is a great investment that will provide you with safety, protection, and even cleanliness.

Brand recognition

If you get a doormat with your logo printed on it, customers will be able to associate your brand and company with the mat. Custom logo rugs will help you in promoting your brand. It works as a branding tool.

Branding is vital for marketing and customer retention. It can be used to integrate your logo into your design, without making customers feel overwhelmed.

This will allow your business to stand out among other businesses that use the same mat.


Millions slip and fall every year. 5 % of those result in a broken bone. However, you can prevent that from happening by providing somewhere for them to dry their feet.

It will also increase the traction of their foot to the floor, which can help reduce the possibility that they slip.

While a regular mat will protect against slippage and fall, you can make your doormat functional and beautiful.


Also, a doormat protects the floor in high traffic areas.

Even if you don’t have the best flooring, this will help protect it. It will also make it last longer, even if hundreds of people are walking on it. A doormat on top of your floor will prevent it from getting scratched from all kinds of shoes.

You can have mold in your business if you have a damaged or scratched floor.

This is ideal if you have tiled, wooden, or stone floors.

Comfort ability

A doormat featuring your logo can make customers feel at home and welcome back customers.

Even if they don’t realize it yet, a doormat makes a business look more welcoming and homey.

It’s important to choose appropriate colors and patterns so that they are not too loud, or too obnoxious. Try to choose a more soothing or inviting style


It will not only increase the durability of your floor but will also keep it cleaner.

While dirt can enter through the front doors, it is easy to get dirt in. A mat placed on the floor will act as a barrier, stopping dirt, water, and grime from getting in. It will keep the floors in your business free of dirt and stains.

Even though you still have to clean the floors you don’t need to worry about stain removal.

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