It’s a big decision for employers on whether or not they should install personal closets in their workplace. They know that it’s a pretty big investment, but they aren’t sure of the benefits. If you’re an employer and wondering if you should add a locker area to your business, keep reading to see what some of the benefits are.


One of the biggest benefits of personal closets is that it increases security. People often bring things like purses or backpacks to work and having personal closets can make sure these things are secured. Not only will this make your employees feel better, but it can help save you from fines and court cases in the future. You have less chance of being held liable for things coming up missing because each employee will have their own area where they can lock these items away and it’s their responsibility to do so.

Less Clutter

Having personal closets can also mean that the workplace will have less clutter. If you don’t have an area where employees can put their stuff, then they’re going to have everything sitting at and around their work area. Besides being an eyesore, too much clutter can cause injuries or result in you getting fines. These personal closets will make it so your employees don’t have to carry everything with them and they’ll each have a designated area for their belongings.

Personal Space

Another benefit is that it gives each employee a personal space. When personal closets or personal areas aren’t available, some employees might invade other employee’s space. Not only can this make tensions rise, but this can actually cause fights. There’s also the chance that people could feel like they are being sexually harassed so the amount of these incident reports might go up. Some people might also have issues with people being too close to them. Having personal closets for each employee can really help everyone feel safe and secure in the workplace.

More Productivity

Since items won’t be cluttering the desks and work areas of employees, there’s a chance that productivity can increase. They won’t have things like their phones to distract them because these items will be in their personal closets. Not only could this be an increase in how much your company puts out, but this could also be an incentive to employees because they can make more money or even get bonuses, depending on how you want to set things up.

More Homely

Finally, giving employees personal closets can make the workplace feel homelier and more comfortable. They can decorate their areas however they want to, and they’ll feel like it’s a home away from home instead of somewhere that they don’t like going to or somewhere that they just don’t feel like going to. These are just a few of the benefits and it’s actually a great investment. While it might be a big cost now, it’ll pay off in the long run and it’ll help keep everyone happy!

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