Running a business is tough. Marketing is even harder. Today, there are countless avenues to market your products and services. One such way is using promotional products. These are beneficial to both new and existing customers. Large or small promotional products like trophies and pens will help you build your brand. The choice of the promotional product to use will depend on your target market and the industry. But for promotional product marketing to be even more efficient, you will need to do some engraving. In the above examples, pen and trophy engraving in Edmonton is necessary.

Below are the benefits your business stands to acquire from engraved promotional products in Edmonton.

Increased recognition of the brand

Every business has its own goals. These goals vary depending on the direction the entrepreneur wishes to drive the business as well as the industry the business operates in. But despite these differences, all companies have one common goal – to build a strong reputation/brand. Most businesses achieve this through promotional product marketing. This mode of marketing is preferred, as customers tend to retain these products for a longer time. The inference is that brand exposure is reinforced.

Retention and loyalty

Engraved promotional products in Edmonton will instill a brand loyalty in your customers. In addition to this, they will be maintained and brought closer to your brand. Constant exposure to the promotional products will make it easier for the consumer to remember your business. This means that in the future, they will be more likely to bring business.

Think of it this way. When you are given a gift, even without the giver asking for anything in return, you will feel indebted to them and will soften towards them. The same case applies to customers.

It is cost-effective

Promotional products, in comparison to other means of advertisements, are cost-effective. Most engraved and branded products enhance the effect of word of mouth because more people are seeing your logo and branding. And, since promotional products are shared and passed from one person to another, your brand will benefit from the impressions. Studies show that 67% of customers given promotional products pass them on to friends and colleagues.

Ability to stand out from the competition

The list of items you can engrave is endless. They range from coffee mugs to pens, fidget spinners, books, trophies – the list is long. But, unlike business cards, promotional items are designed to target a specific market. They also allow the business’ creativity to take centre stage. Aside from trophy engraving in Edmonton, below are some other great ways to ensure your brand stands out.

  • Always look out for new fads you can engrave
  • Use catchy phrases to add personality to the brand
  • Have a collection of promotional products designed to serve a specific market


Given the lasting impression promotional products make on new and existing customers, increasing the ROI of the individual promotional items is an easy process. The world of possibilities for using promotional product marketing is huge. Get with it and reap the benefits.

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