If your business is doing well, and you are producing a regular profit, investing is a great way to increase the value of those profits. A sensible investment strategy over the medium to long term can enable you to build up a substantial fund, which you can then reinvest in your business, or fall back on if you are going through a difficult spell. But what is the best way for business owners to invest?

We’ve put together a short guide to help you build your investment strategy.

Match your investments with your business goals

This is one of the most important aspects of creating an investment strategy. Take a look at your business goals, your plan, your current state of debt and financing. Remember, investing is primarily about enhancing income, not supplementing it. Using money that you need for another part of your business for investment is a false economy, because if the investment goes wrong, you’ve lost out twice, and you could struggle to recover if your cash flow is low.

So, when you’re investing, focus on the best interests of the business. Use any profits to make steady, regular investments. Remember, investing is not gambling.


This is a rule that we cannot emphasis strongly enough, but it is one that too many investors forget. Putting all your financial eggs in one investment basket exposes you to way too much risk. Spread your investments around, so that you build up a diverse portfolio. Invest in stocks in multiple markets, consider using some of the best CFD Brokers or check out the potential in property investments. That way, you are reducing your overall risk if one or more investment turns sour.

Think about mutual funds

Investing is about balancing risk with reward, and in the early days, you want to keep risk to a minimum so that you can build up a bigger fund. That’s why mutual funds are a useful option. A large mutual fund will combine dozens of stocks, which reduces the level of risks, and the fund manager will be doing the hard work for you. Investing in a mutual fund will also give you the chance to watch how the market performs, and to learn more about investing as your fund grows.

Think long term

The biggest mistake you can make with investing is to regard it as a way to get rich quick. Investment is a long-term game, in which patience is usually rewarded. So, avoid being swayed by short term ups and downs in the market. If you try to continually respond to market conditions, you will likely miss out on some of the best growth periods, and you will end up paying a fortune in fees and taxes. By sticking to a long-term strategy, you will put yourself in the best position to profit.


Investing is not something that you should enter into lightly, but if you do have surplus funds, a sensible, long-term investment strategy, involving diversification and a degree of patience, can help you to amass additional funds that can significantly boost your business’s long-term prospects.

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