Cannabis is making a splash in many areas as legal marijuana. However, there has been shifting views on the legalization of cannabis in different states. Many states have adapted county regulations that make possession of an ounce a non-criminal offense. Federals laws on cannabis still overrule states laws. Despite the laws the two have been able to give way to legalization that allow cannabis legalization. Many Americans are now lobbying for the legalization of marijuana. There are a few legislators that are also weighing in on cannabis laws. The majority of politicians are for the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use. Learn more about Alaska’s cannabis laws and regulations by reading the following user-friendly guide.

What Are Possession Laws

Ballot Measure 2 laws in Alaska make it legal for any adult over 21 years of age or older to possess 28 grams (an ounce) or more of marijuana. This measure concludes that an individual can’t be arrested for possessing the legal amount. This law took effect in 2017 under legalization and production laws. Today, many Alaskan residents are consuming cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. Federal laws have not seemed to interfere with the Ballot Measure 2 Bill that has been put in place.

What Are Transporting Laws

It’s lawful to transport up to 28 ounces of cannabis anywhere in Alaska state lines. However, it’s a crime for anyone under 21 years of age to transport cannabis. You must also transport it in a child proof container and completely away from the driver. This will also help many drivers from being apprehended for being under the influence of cannabis. Furthermore, it’s unlawful for a driver to consume marijuana and drive at the same time. You can’t transport an open. container of marijuana under the Ballot Measure 2 laws. These laws were also enacted in Alaska under the 2017 bill.

Marijuana Cultivating Laws

You can cultivate marijuana in Alaska by keeping it away from the public view. Residents over the age of 21 years of age may legally cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants. However, 3 of those plants must be flowering or mature for you to not be held liable under cannabis cultivation laws. In fact, they must be cultivated away from the access of anyone. Furthermore, in Alaska the laws specify that cannabis can only be cultivated on land that’s legally lawful to possess marijuana on that land. These laws are available to medicinal and recreational marijuana users.

The laws on cannabis are unique for each state. For example, the laws in certain states have different laws pertaining to the purchase of cannabis. Some states still make it unlawful to possess cannabis. In fact, some states that make it lawful to possess marijuana have had conflict with the federal purchase of marijuana. Alaska has seen a reduction in crime stats since the Ballot Measure 2 bill took place. There are residents that have been able to maintain their state benefits under the new bill while being a recreational or medicinal cannabis user.

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