Every morning before you ignite your equipment, dedicate some minutes to go around inspecting the machine. An inspection is crucial, it should be made a habit every morning. Visual check of your equipment ensures that there is nothing missing, broken or conveying any signs of abnormal wear or damage.

One point that is generally forgotten is lubrication. Ensuring the machine is efficiently lubricated is very vital. It’s a routine that is reliable and will keep your equipment ready to work when you require its services. Most equipment fails because of lack of greasing leading to break down due to constant metal to metal contact.

Many linkages, joints and moving parts of a Recycling Baler are designed to move on an amount of oil layer. The same way your equipment engine requires oil for efficient lubrication and to avoid the effects of friction, all moving parts in your equipment require the same treatment. Once they are greased, you will experience a smooth movement eliminating heat, friction, and wear.

Where Are the Grease Points?

In most equipment, most grease points are evident from the external part of the machine. However, others are concealed from your sight. The only techniques you can use to ensure that you have all the grease joints lubricated is to check and confirm with the drawing that is given with the equipment.

In the manual, you’ll see all the lube points. When purchasing a piece of equipment, ask for maintenance and operating manual. These drawings are crucial as they‘ll give you an easy time when conducting the inspection. There are quick steps that you can follow to grease your equipment.

Choose a working and effective grease gun, load it with a lubricant. Ensure that you apply the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer for your machine. Carefully, locate the greasing points. When you locate them every day, you’ll master them and after some time, you’ll find that you no longer need a manual.

Swiftly give the equipment a visual inspection, to oversee that the grease nipples are not missing or damaged. Using a dry rug, carefully wipe off the grease points, getting rid of soil particles. If you force dirt inside your lubrication it will not be effective. Attach the nozzle of your greasing gun on the grease point and pump out the content. You’ll see the grease coming out, spread it and then exit for another point.

Items that are maintained regularly are fast and impactful when performing. Additionally, their longevity in service is extensive. Greasing is a simple exercise that should be done daily. This will prevent wearing out of the metal parts as they won’t be coming into contact due to a layer of grease standing in between them.

Metal contact in equipment can quickly damage your machine. Extreme care, maintenance, and repair is mandatory. Neglect will lead your equipment to visit the mechanic regularly which is very costly. It’s not advisable that you wait for your equipment to have a grease problem so that you take measures.

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