When taking part of a trade show, one of the challenges you will face will be deciding between buying a new exhibit or a trade show rental. Trade show exhibit rentals in Montreal certainly prove to be a better option compared to buying a new one. How?

Let us go through the details in the following sections.

Why rent instead of buying an exhibit?

There are several situations where renting will be a better option compared to buying such as:

  • When you are interested in trying out a new idea.
  • When you have two or more shows taking place at the same time.
  • When you are new to trade shows and want to test things out before making an investment.

What are modular designs?

In modular design, lightweight material is used which can be assembled into different configurations. Use of material such as extruded aluminum means you have required durability and at the same time you can make use of different shapes and sizes as per your requirement.

The good thing about modular design is that some pieces and parts can be assembled in different ways. For example, during a trade show you may require a 10’X20′ space but during the next show you may like to have a display of 20’X20′.

In such situation, the pieces are reconfigured in the original exhibit and additional components are added for increasing the size so that a larger booth can be accommodated.

What are custom exhibits?

An exhibit can be customized according to your ideas and plans. After you share your idea, a 3D CAD drawing will be to create a design for that idea. Then, after you finalize the design, the custom exhibit will be created using that design.

Depending upon your requirements, materials used for creating the exhibit can vary, ranging from vertical grade laminate to high-quality finished lumber.


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