If one has ever bought anything out of the typical vending machines at work, he may know how unhealthy the snacks are to choose from, and they are not always tasty or fresh. Many workers will never eat anything from these types of machines, and they may be smarter in doing so with all of the additives for preserving foods, not to mention the sugar and salt that is added.

That said, just think if one worked a full daylight schedule and all that he had was a cup of coffee for breakfast and a candy bar and donuts for lunch. By the time his shift is over, and he leaves, he may feel very tired, hungry and grouchy, then he may have to wait a long time for dinner. What does this do to the health of the worker, especially over time? Job performance probably goes down, and he has some poor health issues beginning.

Additionally, what about the diabetic choices, full of carbs and sugar for those with the disease that have to be careful of their diet? Are there any fresh, wholesome foods without sugar for these people specifically? Other people may also have diets that deviate from the average diet as well. For instance, a gluten-free diet. With office catering services, the decision becomes smarter eating choices for all employees.

What is more, a clever company called CustomFresh has one priority and that is to make sure that employees are given healthy foods to choose from while they are in the workplace the entire shift. CF promises to create nutritious lunches and snacks that individuals specifically need or desire right on site. They are said to be affordable as well, but compared to exactly what?

As a matter of fact, what they do is bring a fresh market that is tailor-made, they set up in the workplace and manage it all for no cost whatsoever to the company. Usually, customary prices are calculated to fit into current prices in the particular area, and the people will be given those prices, chosen by their employer. It is called micro market vending, and it is a new way to eat at work.

Now, imagine a workplace with a micro market inside with admission 24/7. Anytime one goes to work, he will be able to pick what he wants to eat at a reasonable price and feel confident about eating healthier. This will be a true solution toward the employee feeling healthier and happier being at work. He can do his work precisely and still have the kind of energy for the evening beyond that he needs.

Foods play a major role in one’s nutrition needs, and in how one functions from day to day. Having a catering service available can make a real difference in health; the skin, hair, nails, energy level and weight loss are some of the benefits that people have from just eating catered foods at work, choosing a variety of delicious colored foods.

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