And I’m back with a long overdue outfit post! I am officially in the last fortnight of my degree and it’s all a little hectic right now, but I’ve taken today out for myself to hang with Jess and finally shoot an outfit to post… I had blogging withdrawals… In fact, withdrawal is a complete understatement!

I had a bit of a shopping spree last week and these Missguided pieces are just two of what I treat myself to, as well as these amazing heels from Justfab and some spanky new Ray-Ban Sunglasses. I just signed up last week and I’m so addicted, they have some amazing shoes and £35 a month is too hard to turn down, especially when there is no obligation to pay each month and you can skip as much as you like. I got this amazing pair for only £9 as my first order as a member which is ridiculously amazing, I’m officially a fan!

Next up, continuing on from last seasons icky colour trend, Khaki is still in full force and so is co-ordinating. I don’t think i’ll ever grow tired of a matching set (or forcibly matching sets) – there’s just something so ‘important’ looking about them. But onto the trousers. Being hip heavy and tiny everywhere else, I struggle to find a pair of well fitting trousers, so you can imagine my excitement when this pair from Missguided with a super low price tag did exactly the trick for me, sitting perfectly around my waist and hips as well as balancing it all out. Happy Laura, indeed.

Finally, my new coat. I have to tell you about my new coat! Taking photos in extreme sunshine… Not a fan. It was definitely a challenge, but how gorgeous is this coat from PLT? They have it in an array of colours and I’m obsessed. Unfortunately for me, I pinched it from Jess so I don’t get the pleasure of wearing it whenever I want, but it’s definitely a piece I’m going to invest in on payday!

I do have some devastating news though, MY HAIR HAS HAD THE CHOP. Yep. The dreaded chop. I’m so heartbroken to say goodbye to a good 4 inches of (damaged -.-) hair 🙁 *talk about first world problems, eh…* – so these will be the last photos of my hair as you knew it.

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