How to Get Quality Poster Printing

Printing posters is a great way to help organize your storefront or promote your business. Posters have a variety of uses, including selling them with your unique artwork to help make some extra money. But not all posters are made the same. Quality poster printing requires time and effort to ensure you get the best print possible. If you want a high-quality poster, make sure you consider the following.

File Format

Getting a quality printed poster is mostly about the file you send to the printer. A wrongly formatted file will almost always result in a low-quality poster. 


When you design a poster on your computer, your program will likely automatically set the color spectrum to RGB (red, green, blue). This spectrum is how computer screens filter light to create colors. However, physical printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum. Instead of filtering light, they mix the four colors of ink to create the colors you want. If you submit a file with RGB colors, your post will come out discolored and less vibrant. So, make sure your design is in CMYK for the best print possible.


Your image’s size is not just the length and width of your design. File size has a lot to do with the printing quality. Most online images can easily display at 75 DPI (dots per inch) without too much trouble. However, when you try to print an image, especially a larger one, such as on a poster, it will become blurry and distorted. To ensure your poster prints correctly, make sure you set the DPI to at least 300.

Poster Printer

Choosing the right printer is the other half of the poster quality battle. The wrong printer can ruin your poster’s print just as much as a wrongly formatted image. 


Doing a search of the printer you’re looking into can reveal a great deal about them. Online reviews are the best way to judge a company’s reputation. Not only can you get an idea of how the process works, but reviewers often also post photos, so you can judge for yourself the quality of the prints.


Your printer’s location is critical if you want quality printed posters. The best printers will be located in urban areas, such as downtown Los Angeles. The shipping and delivery of printed materials are often where things go wrong. A good quality poster can be ruined by poor packaging and less-than-careful shipping. A printer in a city will have access to more materials to protect your print as well as more shipping options, getting you quicker and more careful delivery.

Getting High-Quality Poster Printing

If you want to sell, decorate, or market with posters, you need to make sure they are printed well. High-quality poster printing requires time and effort to obtain. Make sure you properly format your file with CMYK colors at 300 DPI. Then, find a reputable printing company with a good location. If you do that, you’ll have quality posters at your door in no time at all.






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