If you’re thinking about creating viral content, you should consider your audience’s interests and preferences. The concept of vitality goes beyond an appreciation for popular trends and headlines that add more hype than substance. There isn’t a single recipe for success when it comes to creating viral content. However, it’s reassuring to know that your attention to detail and dedication to creating high-quality content will not go unnoticed. There are some valuable insights to follow for making your content engaging and relevant.

Three Aristotelian Principles

The Greek philosopher Aristotle understood how orators and poets could create memorable content. He claimed that ethos, pathos and logos were the three central tenets to persuasive communication. Ethos refers to the appeal of ethics and is used to strengthen the author’s credibility as a reliable source. Providing an impassioned narrative that inspires people to take action requires an appeal to emotion, which is known as pathos. Good content is also well-researched and informative. Content creators also use logos to construct logical arguments and emphasize key points. Understanding the Aristotelian principles can help content creators make their content go viral, inspiring a great number of shares and effectively inspiring the audience to communicate about the content. Content that incorporates all three principles is an extra bonus.

Consistent, Regular Content

Whether you choose to write an article or post a video, you should post content on a routine basis for your audience to see. Content creators understand the value they bring to their websites by providing a variety of stories, from something as simple as a video capturing a surfer enjoying the waves to an in-depth economic article about the national decline of small businesses. Successful content creators have an increased presence in social media, using many websites to share their message. They use social media to post content regularly and encourage discussion about key issues affecting a specific industry. Additionally, consistent content is more marketable. An increasing flux of companies like Jukin Media understand the relevance of shareable, engaging content. Consistency is the key to maintaining audience engagement, which can fade quickly and easily given the overwhelming abundance of similar content available.

Understanding Social Currency

Most shareable content by its own nature provides a positive benefit. Comedic tweets from top brands often put a spin on certain sayings as a form of advertising, which could inspire the audience to purchase a desired product. Successful content creators share information that people find valuable. A video that shows users how to repair a car engine is one example of content that provides useful knowledge. An informative article referring to popular content to supplement a key point is more likely to attract an audience, since the article illustrates broader awareness of what several people like or dislike. Relatable content must appeal to people’s general sentiments and provide solutions to problems they face in everyday life. Content creators either serve as good listeners, thought leaders or creative entertainers who understand their audience’s own needs.

Content creators are a useful asset to businesses interested in building their brand. They attempt to appeal to authority, convince readers to take action and provide valuable information about contemporary situations. Understanding people’s general needs and providing content on a regular basis are two strategies content creators take to ensure they’re attracting an audience beyond their initial niche.

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