Small personal garages and large commercial garages both need to be organized to maximize efficiency. If you have a garage of any size in need of reorganization, do not stress yourself out. Tidying up your workspace may seem like a daunting task at first. With some planning and imagination, you can take your garage to the next level easily. Read on for some great tips to make the most of your garage.

Tool Box Upgrades 

Tool boxes are an integral part of every garage. Whether you are a maintenance professional or an at-home tinkerer, you likely have a collection of tool boxes around your workspace. Lugging these boxes from one project to the next can be tiring and also unsafe. Consider adding tool box wheels to your collection of tool boxes. This makes them easier to move and more convenient to access at all times. With your tool boxes on wheels, you can move them around without the risk of injuring yourself and others. Wheels add a new level of convenience to all your projects.

Wall Organizing Systems 

A great way to get your workspace cleaned up is moving clutter off the ground. Use shelving units, hanging storage solutions, and pegboard to create smart wall storage systems. Clearing up floor space makes for a safer work environment. Tools and items that used to be trip hazards can be hung up and stored away from walking paths. Hoses, lawn tools, brooms, cords, and other bulky items can find new homes hanging neatly on a wall. You can even use the ceiling to hang items such as bikes. Hang shelves from the ceiling to store bins and equipment that you don’t use frequently.

Bring It All Together 

Combining a variety of storage methods can make a huge difference in the functionality of your garage. Create a utility workbench and use the walls and space around it to store tools and products used in that area most. If you want to hide away some unsightly items, use curtains as a simple cover-up. Keep dangerous materials secured and out of reach with repurposed lockers or filing cabinets. You can add magnetic strips to nearly any surface to make an instant storage space for small tools and tin cans that keep stray nails off the ground.

Taking on a garage overhaul can seem like a big project, but it’s worth the payoff in the end. A well-organized garage boosts functionality and is easier and safer to navigate.

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