All glass curtain wall systems provide an extra layer of protection from the elements, particularly for large-scale commercial buildings. Through the solutions from those providing custom glass in Scarborough, most commercial building walls are constructed using aluminum and durable glass, which help by providing a high level of insulation and stability against extreme outdoor temperatures. Furthermore, the experienced glass companies can also carry out the necessary repairs to restore the proper functioning of all glass wall systems. Below we explore some reasons why you should choose all-glass curtain walling.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal and Design Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of an all glass curtain wall is that it provides a classy, modern finish incorporating clean lines and design flexibility, which gives contractors, architects, and other professionals the flexibility to design and create buildings with a modern, unique look.

Even though most of the curtain wall systems incorporate transparent glass, numerous other materials can still be used as well, thereby enabling builders to take advantage of the broad range of colour, textures, and finishing options. For instance, coloured opaque glass, stone, and metal have been used for many years to create a great effect in all glass wall projects.

The systems are also widely used to create various unusual shapes like angles or curves, including the more traditional style that creates a straight-up-and-down appearance. Even so, structural requirements take precedence to ensure resistance to wind loads and stability. Fortunately, the appearance and size of these systems means the design contributes to the overall appearance of buildings.

  1. Structural Performance

When you need solutions for custom glass in Scarborough, you’ll gladly discover that all glass curtain wall systems offer great structural stability despite the fact that they are produced using glass. They span multiple building floors and deal with contraction, expansion, building sway or movement, and water diversion effectively.

  1. Lightweight

An all glass curtain wall presents a lightweight option if you wish to envelope your commercial building in glass. Furthermore, the structural components of the system can be produced using different types of materials, thereby making it possible to keep weight down, while still guaranteeing design flexibility. A hybrid aluminum-timber structure, for instance, is capable of providing the lightweight strength of aluminum and the natural, classy beauty of timber.


  1. Transparency

Maximizing available daylight has been a critical element of modern architectural design. Thankfully, curtain wall systems bring natural light into difficult to reach places. This is particularly beneficial to the occupants of commercial structures, as the system improves lighting quality in any building while reducing electrical energy consumption at the same time. With curtain wall systems, the occupants of buildings get the opportunity to enjoy wall-to-wall views of the building exterior, which significantly increases property value.

  1. Thermal Performance

When your goal is to use the solutions provided by custom glass in Scarborough, you’ll happily discover that all glass curtain wall systems provide a high-level of thermal performance. This can help you meet the stringent requirements for energy efficiency in building regulations.

If you wish to know more about curtain wall systems, do not hesitate to consult a company specializing in custom glass solutions.

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