Having your own business has become more of a trend today than it used to be in the past. Because social media has ingrained the word “entrepreneur” on thousands of people, everyone believes that if they have the word on their bios, or say they’re an entrepreneur, that automatically makes them one. By definition, if you’re not, “organizing and operating a business or businesses, and taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so,” then you’re not an entrepreneur. If you’re starting out or want to become an entrepreneur, this article will allow you to get an understanding of how to build, grow, and possibly sell a business, or sell your business notes.

Building, Growing, and Selling Your Business

When building your business, it is essential to know the following items.

  • What you’re selling
  • Who your customers are
  • What your branding will be
  • How you will find your customers
  • How you will organize the business

Once you get a business plan together, you will have to define these in a lot more detail. If you will be raising capital to start your business, you also better understand and know how to put the business plan together to present to your lenders and investors

When growing your business, it is essential that you know the following items: your customer acquisition costs, your gross margin, your future growth goals, new markets to tap into, and what you need in order to reach the next level. Yes, these are also important to know in the beginning, but when you’re growing, they are essential. They will help you lower your costs, increase your revenues, and maybe get ready for a sale.

In order to prepare yourself for selling your business, you must know the following things: who your buyer will be, whether or not you want to remain in the business, how much you’re currently valued, and where to find, and how to compile every piece of financial, legal, and business information. If you know your buyer, you will know what to offer and how to negotiate. You can either merge with the new owner, or leave outright, and you will need to have every piece of data to decrease the amount of questions asked at the negotiation table.

In conclusion, in this article we briefly summarized what it takes in order to build, grow, and eventually sell a business. Just because you think or say you’re an entrepreneur, doesn’t make you one. If you really want to become a business owner, delve deeper into each one of the bullet points and take action. Only then will you gain the experience and actually understand what it takes to own your own business. If you follow the steps, take action, and grow your business, you can then think about selling and leaving a legacy.

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