A stone floor, be it marble, limestone, granite, slate, or other material, can be an attractive addition to any home. But to keep your floor looking great long after it was installed, you must make time for a minimum of maintenance, including cleaning stone floor. Cleaning your stone flooring requires special techniques because the stone is a natural material that can be easily damaged. Then read on for five tips on cleaning your safe stone floor tiles of the cleaning expert. Follow the retailer or the manufacturer’s instructions. When your floor is installed, be sure to ask if it comes with any special cleaning instructions or maintenance. The retailer or manufacturer may recommend the use of some type of cleaner designed specifically for stone floors of this type. Take preventive measures. You will keep your floor cleaner and help it last longer by placing mats and rugs in high traffic areas. These will trap dirt, keep your floor and prevent damage to the stone slab. So, when your floor is installed, make sure it is properly sealed. This is a crucial step because the stone is porous and applying sealants help keep potentially hazardous substances staining or scratching the floor.

Sweep or vacuum regularly. Dirt and dust that you follow the outside are abrasive and can damage the delicate stone in the ground. Sweep, mop dust or vacuum your floor frequently (usually daily or every other day) to eliminate these harmful particles. Consider wet mop your floors at least once a week. Be careful when choosing cleaners. Before you start cleaning stone tile, make sure you use the right type of cleaner. Generally, you should avoid using acid (such as lemon juice or vinegar) on marble or limestone. You should also keep away cleaners with ammonia or other abrasives as they may damage your floor as well. Instead, clean your floor with soap (not detergent) and water. Rinse the floor after mopping. If you spill something on your stone floor, clean it quickly because it can stain or damage the surface, especially if it is acidic, such as orange juice, wine or vinegar. Hire a professional with experience in the cleaning of stone floors. If your soil is particularly dirty, you may want to hire a stone and tiles professional cleaning company to get its new look as new. However, before choosing a tile cleaning company, make sure they understand how to clean the stone floors. For example, be careful if a company says they will use all-purpose cleaners on your floor, as this can cause damage, like breaking sealants that protect the stone.

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