Laptop stands enable you to make the monitor a comfortable height, preventing slouching and neck strain. They also free up desk space and help you to get organised.

A laptop stand will extend the life of your computer by preventing overheating. Snazzy features include lightweight frames, smart technology, USB ports and cooling fans. Here are seven of the best.

1 The best portable stand

The Nexstand portable laptop stand is perfect if you regularly go out and about. Super-sturdy, it folds up compactly and weighs less than nine ounces. Different height levels can be customised for you.

2 The cheapest laptop stand

The Savvystand laptop stand is even lighter and much cheaper. Although it can only stretch half as high as the Nexstand, it folds easily, making it perfect for roaming around.

3 The most adjustable stand

The Rain Design iLevel 2 adjustable laptop stand is super-easy to adjust, as it has a unique slider. Rubber pads protect your desk, and it is made with hard-wearing aluminium.

4 The best laptop stand for standing

The Perfect Life Ideas standing desk converter delivers the biggest height here. It can hold up to 20 pounds and has space for your accessories. It conveniently folds flat.

5 The best laptop stand for cooling

The Luzy laptop stand with fan and LED light has a powerful fan, a bendable LED light, storage space, USB ports, and a mouse platform. Foldable legs mean it is easily stored.

6 The best lap desk for the sofa

The MAX SMART laptop cooling desk will suit you if you regularly get comfortable on your sofa or bed. It has a unique built-in pillow made of mesh for maximum comfort. The underside ergonomically shapes itself to your legs, and there is a mouse tray.

While you are lounging indoors, you can choose cat lap trays to add a homely touch to your computing endeavours. These are available from stockists such as

If you would like even more choice, five other stands have been reviewed by Best Consumer Electronics.

7 The best smart laptop stand

The VIVO tempered glass smart laptop stand has three USB ports and connections for microphone and audio use. The stand can accommodate up to 44 pounds, which is ideal for your heavier electronics. Its sleek design incorporates aluminium and plastic.


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