I have often yelled in my office for being late to my work and the most surprising thing is that I am quite aware of time management skills. I know that the number of hours in day are fixed and even though I try to manage my time in a proper manner, during those awful days the time management skills take a back seat to give way to my natural working style. So my problem is how do I work against my natural tendencies? Either I have to follow my natural tendencies or make small changes in it to enhance my productivity. My natural system is oriented to manage time in a certain manner and I find it really difficult to align with the time management skills I have learnt from my seniors. The VP operations in my office is the perfect person to look up to when it comes to managing time in an efficient and effective manner. He is a person who works by the clock and is an appreciator of punctuality, speed, brevity and promptness. He can decide how much time he wants to spend in a job and has his customized planners that work really well for him. I happen to be just the opposite of my boss when I have to stretch my limits at work. I tend to get restless and plan things on the go because I do not have the idea about the future tasks that I would have to perform – multiple complex factors determine the way I work. My intuition is my only weapon when trying to decide on my next step as such planners or even to-do lists are not much help to me. Thus, I have now decided to take control of my working style and have devised my own ways to setting the schedules. Here is a snapshot of customized natural time management that has changed my perspective towards time and principles to manage the same: Planning is not for me but yet I do it: Irrespective of my working style, I still set a plan for myself and check the same at least three times a day. While going through my schedule (which does not take more than 5 to 10 minutes) I review the list and check the work that’s pending to be done and focus on the jobs that are of higher priority. Thus I end up completing all my tasks without the old chaos reigning in. Focusing on the job at hand: I tend to focus on the job at hand, which means cutting down the distracting factors. By avoiding the unnecessary distractions, I am able to focus and complete my work within the stipulated time. My working style has not changed but I have learnt to manage my time without following the old principles and tools.

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