The future of business communications is in hosted clouds and cloud communications. Landlines and analogue systems are on the wane and set to be phased out as internet-based telephony, or Voip, becomes the standard.

No hardware, just broadband

One of the great advantages of Voip is its flexibility, especially for business broadband. There are no PBX systems and clunky hardware to maintain, and as long as you have an internet connection, a business can access its Voip system anywhere in the world. According to this report in The Guardian, trade relations in the wake of Brexit could remain complex, and a communications platform that delivers cheap international calls as Voip does will be even more necessary.

Scale, speed and economy

Many businesses are enthusiastically embracing Voip, making the most of its incredible versatility. Voip is fast, easily scaled up or down, and can offer features such as dedicated lines for important clients. In addition, it can offer tailored security measures to monitor access and protect critical data. In the event of a disaster, communications can continue as normal with a Voip system, with calls diverted to mobiles or other landlines.

Voip systems are digital and therefore very reliable, and the flexibility of the hosted system means that it can grow easily as your business gets bigger. This kind of system is easy to set up, ideal for remote working, and delivers significant cost reductions. In fact, a Voip system will probably cost a business far less than a traditional system does while delivering a range of customised benefits that were not possible with the old system.

A quality provider will have an extensive international network and can offer great wholesale VoIP termination rates. To find out more about wholesale VoIP termination rates, consider contacting a reputable firm such as, which can give you an idea of the packages available.

Even if a business is still resistant to Voip, it will have to come to terms with it as the PSTN and ISDN networks are scheduled to be phased out. However, once business leaders understand how Voip can cut costs and boost productivity, it is likely that anyone who is still holding out will simply give in and enthusiastically take advantage of the many positives that Voip can offer.

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