Your business website will have been optimised for SEO to make sure that Google and other search engines notice it and place it high up on their rankings. This allows visitors to see that your site is valid and useful, and it will have been accomplished by onsite SEO strategies. However, did you know that offsite SEO also has a great impact on how well your site performs?

According to Forbes, the aim of offsite SEO is to promote yourself, or your business, as a leading authority in your field, which instantly adds cachet to your site. With that in mind, here are four top strategies for improving your offsite SEO campaign.

1. Ensure your products or services are the best they can be

When your products and services are of the absolute highest quality or they offer something extra to your customers, you have a greater chance of word spreading about their intrinsic value. This gives your website extra status, so always ensure that what you have to offer is better than anything your customers could find elsewhere.

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2. Understand your target audience

If you don’t know who your customers are, you can’t tailor your SEO campaign to them, so do your research to define exactly who you are targeting with your website. This can be quite a technical process, so it’s helpful to call in experts such as Elevate UK, who provide professional SEO services in London and throughout the UK.

3. Provide unrivalled levels of customer service

Giving that extra bit more to your customers by way of customer service that exceeds their expectations can go a long way toward ensuring that your brand is quickly perceived as exceptional. Negative feedback on customer review sites is hard to ignore, so strive to ensure that every single review of your products or services will be positive, and watch your visitor numbers increase as a result.

4. Cultivate a positive social media presence

Social media is an incredibly effective marketing tool when used appropriately, so make sure that you have an active and engaging social media presence. Respond to questions and queries as promptly as possible to create a positive impression of your brand, even if that means occasionally praising your competitors for a job well done, as this helps to engage prospective customers more fully.

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