Email marketing continues to dominate digital marketing as a top performing channel that can be depended on to deliver results time and time again. 89% of marketers feel their email strategy is successful. If you feel that the strategy you have chosen is not working anymore, if you feel that your emails marketing is falling into the unsuccessful side, just take a breath, step back and assess what you have been doing wrong.

Go through your strategy and make sure you have described goals and estimated results of emails you are sending to your customer. Make sure that both goals and results are attainable.

Today, when the world is developing so fast. When people use a large number of instant messengers and applications for communication, job search, rental property, buying things, etc.

Emails are still the most popular method of business communication. It seems like a great time to review why email is still one of the best. Take a look the infographic created by Campaign Monitor below and see how your successes and struggles fall in with other marketers.But what are marketers biggest email marketing objectives, their most effective tactics, and how do they measure the results? Find out in this insightful infographic.


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