Digital Marketing is a lot more than just a Facebook post boost or a solitary Google Adwords campaign. Building trust with an online community requires consistency, honesty and clarity with a creative twist. Something that easy to start but Digital marketing requires the unique amalgamation of the left and the right brain to work. We bring in the right brain with a unique creative voice and a bold perspective. At the same time, we are required to bring in the left with a deep understanding of the platforms, tools and techniques that make digital work. We White Dwarf are a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, India that provides a bouquet of digital marketing services. We have experienced digital marketing specialists who will craft the perfect digital strategy for your brand. We are Expert In: Campaign Management We’re all about hitting those targets. We bring all the digital marketing channels together to tell one cohesive story of your brand; a story that helps you achieves the goals that matter to you the most. It could be online reputation management, increasing brand awareness or increasing sales, our campaign management services are designed to deliver results. Email Marketing Reach millions at a fraction of a cost you would spend elsewhere For all the mind-space that social media tends to occupy when thinking of the right digital marketing strategy for your brand and business, email marketing is a dark horse. If implemented correctly, it can not only directly reach a large number of extremely relevant customers, but also be the most cost-effective channel. PPC Management Your campaign is in the right hands According to Wordstream, small businesses waste almost 25% of their PPC budget on an average, due to poor management. Our PPC campaign managers have a trained eagle-eye to keep a tight leash on your campaign to maximize what you achieve from it. Search Engine Marketing Helping you get more business. And Fast Fact: A whopping 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. SEO Services First page is where we get your business with our SEO services, without compromising your brand image. Almost 75% of users never go beyond the first page of Google search engine results. In fact, the first 5 results on Google get more than 75% of all the clicks. Moreover, almost 80% of users are bound to ignore paid ads on Google. Bottom line: Organic is the way to go, and top 5 is where you want to be. We get you there with our powerful SEO packages, which integrate social media, content marketing, and on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Social Media Leads, not likes is what we focus on Like every other form of marketing, social media marketing too is about reaching potential customers. Helping you reach thousands of such customers at once is what we do with our social media marketing services. Facebook might be the most powerful social network out there. But that is definitely not where our social marketing efforts stop. Consider this: Instagram has 300 million users. Pinterest has 70 million, more than 80% of which purchase something they have pinned. LinkedIn has more than 300 million registered members. An engaging social media marketing strategy is what we build for your brand, based on your target audience, and the results you expect. For example, if your target audience lies in the age group of 18-29, you should be spending most on Instagram and Facebook.

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