At the junction between public relations activities and SEO sits the PR for SEO strategy that can make or break a business. Modern marketing is all about getting your name seen in the right places for all the right reasons.

PR for SEO requires you to take a long-term view and it is necessary to get the marketing executives involved at an early stage.

High-quality articles are best for PR

According to SEO experts at the Search Engine Journal, the typical spam-like link tactics of a few years ago are no longer effective. However, genuine guest blogs that provide high-quality and informative articles to top-tier websites are always going to be valuable to businesses. They show that your organisation is a thought leader and voice of authority in your niche. They are a great source of material for sales promotion and provide snappy paragraphs for sharing on social media channels.

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More importantly, the piece will typically end with the name of the author, a few lines about them and a link to their company website. The hyperlink is worth its weight in gold especially if it is on a very credible website. The Google search engine algorithm (amongst others) will recognise it as a high-quality link and the business website will rank more highly. The icing on the cake is being able to include several keywords in the piece and get a corporate mention.

Credibility is vital

When you engage professional SEO services in London from a supplier such as Elevate UK, they can help you to make sure that all of your SEO activities are credible.

The first step is to compile a list of online, highly credible sites that accept contributions or opinion pieces. There are tools such as SimilarWeb and SEMRush that can be used to find out more about the site’s digital audience.

Genuine, high-quality sites will require content that is completely original and designed for them. They have large numbers of readers and they want to keep them happy. The article is not about the company itself, it must be about an important industry topic or trend.

The better the article is, the more likely it is to be shared on social media and get even more exposure. So, the SEO becomes a PR exercise!

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