Today, where everyone is diverting towards online marketing, residential marketing has lost its potential among the businesses. But what if we say that it is still a cost-effective and time-saving technique that every business must implement?

Before moving about why everyone must consider door-to-door marketing, you must know the significant aim for a marketing campaign:

  • To boost your sales count
  • To increase your customer base
  • To increase brand awareness

Where online marketing can deliver you exactly what you want, running a residential campaign will provide you results in still beneficial in numerous aspects.

Below are some strong reasons that you must consider while promoting your business.

High Conversion Rate:

When targeting a limited and specific audience, you can predict a high conversion rate. On the contrary, online marketing tactics can’t deliver you as high conversion as you earn from residential campaigns. E.g., email marketing has an average conversion rate of 5-7 percent, which is far less than flyer marketing that can even go beyond 25 percent, depending upon how you market your services & products.

Direct Engagement with Customer:

Online mediums don’t offer you a hassle-free option to communicate with every customer. However, door-to-door marketing gives you the liberty to engage with individual customers and explain your services. F2F explanation has a strong emphasis on user behaviour, simultaneously improving your sales count.

High Impact on Buying Decision:

Where every business is considering online marketing to stand out of the competition, it’s hard to convert a customer. Even with billboards and eye-catching social media posts, it’s tough to reach 100% of your audience and turn them into your trustworthy customers. However, conventional marketing gives you such an opportunity to achieve 100% and provide a high probability of conversion.

Mouth To Mouth Marketing Still Effective:

Not many of you would believe, but mouth to mouth marketing still plays a vital role in promoting your services/products and converting your users into customers. Online marketing can only bring users at your doorstep, but it can’t assure you 100% popularity of your services. Door to door campaigns have a high impact on the people and deliver more results than other marketing tactics. Moreover, offline marketing has a high impact on the users that result in mouth-to-mouth marketing of your services with minimal efforts.

100% Measurable Success:

Whether you have failed in your previous flyer campaign or earned a considerable user base, you can quickly evaluate & visualize it. Nowadays, it’s possible to track every single flyer and analyze its outcome accordingly. So, it’s false to say that you can’t follow the results of conventional marketing.

Undoubtedly, like other marketing tactics, residential marketing to has a few drawbacks that might distract you towards online marketing; yet you can’t neglect its potential and high conversion rate. Visit Burst Marketing today to grow your business via consumer marketing.

So, are you satisfied with these points? How many of you still believe that conventional marketing isn’t as effective as compared to online marketing? Do let us know in the comment section below and share your opinion on residential marketing.

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