1 Billion Dollars? 1 Million Dollars? 500,000 Dollars? These numbers represent bank accounts… Do you have this much in your bank account? The saying rags to riches is not only a saying it is the mere truth! Rags To Riches Look into your bank account; how much money has been accumulated in there? Check out other places where your money likes to frequent… savings account, retirement fund, piggy bank. Now look at your bills each month; do you find yourself struggling to pay them? Look deeper into your bills do you have loans and credit card balances that are not decreasing in amount? If you have a dwindling bank account, saving, retirement, etc and an ever ending pool of bills then a change needs to be in your near future. Go from rags to riches. Have plentiful money in the bank account, saving, stocks & bonds, or whatever you so desire. True wealth does not mean how much money do you have, it truly represent what is yours. If your house, car, boat, for example, are not paid off the bank truly owns them… so take that money and put it where you can call all of your stuff… YOUR STUFF! Cold Hard Truth About Working For Money Think about the richest person you know or you have heard of. These people did not start out wealthy; they have learned to turn $1 into $1,000. People of this sort have accomplished so much in their life and they understand the saying rags to riches very well; and have discovered how to use money to change their lives once and for all. How did these people do that? These rags to riches entrepreneurs have discovered that there is correlation between working from someone and the income you make from doing so. The discovery lies in the astonishing truth: the hours you work is in direct correlation to the money you earn. With only 24 hours in a day and at least half needed for rest, self obligations, and commuting to work that does not allow for a lot of money to be earned. The person that you originally thought of has more than likely: worked hour upon hours to stay one step ahead discovered a new way to make money The Final Discovery Anxious to know what the discovery was that changed the entrepreneurs’ status from rags to riches? This revealed secret is not out of reach for you and it is obtainable! At your house I want you to look around and find the following items: a desk, chair, phone, computer, & internet. Do you have all of these items? If so then your sight on going from rags to riches just got closer! Most of the elite entrepreneurs have looked around their home for the same exact items you just did. They have turned these items into very important tools to start a business. They have discovered that they needed extra income that their normal job was not providing and all they had to do was find a part time space in their home to go from rags to riches!

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