Choose Your CareerImage courtesy of Stuart Miles at Dreading that clock in clock out job? Don’t dread any longer! The perks of owning a home business are incredible. Work from home, clock in on your time, and of course clock out when you need time; time for family, friends, or a break from life! Owning your own home business can be very trying at first. It may take several months up to a year to see the results you want to see. But hold tight for the journey because there are several perks of owning a home business. Below are the few that I feel are very powerful with a home business. Perk #1: CEO! That’s right I said CEO. When I started my home business I told myself that I am THE chief executive officer. What a big title! But I feel that I am definitely worth this title. I make the decisions and I put in all of the time to make this home business a success. I even have a sign saying “Jenna Walker, CEO of Natural J Walker”! Why don’t you take a moment and day dream what your plaque would read? Perk #2: Control! You get to make the big decisions about the business. You get to control how much time you work and how hard you work. Give yourself Black Friday off and go shopping looking for the great deals. Control what you wear to work! Yep, you are more than welcome to work in your pajamas; this just might be one of the better perks of owning a home business! Men Working From HomeImage courtesy of nenetus at Perk #3: You are on your time! Don’t worry about what the boss says when you take off 15 minutes early for lunch. Because guess what….you are the boss! Now I must clarify that your hours spent on your business will guide how well the business succeeds. But by all means if you have family priorities or have made arrangements for a lunch date please enjoy those times! Perk #4: Diversification! My husband and I have several businesses that we own. We feel that in order to succeed in life you need to not put your eggs into just one basket. Spread your wealth out over multiple baskets so that if one income starts to dwindle you can rely more on the other baskets to get you through. The perks of owning a home business is that you can choose what you want to own; and don’t be afraid to dive into multiple opportunities that may or may not correlate with one another. These are the basic 4 perks that have impacted my life the most. Of course there are a lot of other perks but that is for you to decide when you start your own home business. Your own home business is an amazing journey, one that I am sure you will enjoy!

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