When you decide to become a trader, you’ll get one of the most important questions of who will represent you. From this moment you need to find a broker or a broker company to execute your trades. This is a very difficult thing to do and you must consider all pros and cons before signing up with a certain broker.

CapitalXp is a young company that is building its reputation by offering a wide range of services from learning to trading. You can access more than 120 CFD tools and trade in different markets including Forex, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities.

The educational tools of the company include the enormous electronic library of books and articles, different videos, and webinars (you can watch them live and recorded). They aim to educate their clients and deliver the best possible experience.

The customer support team is working 24/5 (just like the markets) so that you were able to reach them with any questions and issues. The company also tried to keep up with the technology and offers the innovative platforms and mobile app in order to be user-friendly and easily accessible.

The 5 different account types allow you to start small and gradually grow. However, if you are a pro, you’ll something to your preferences as well.

The client can trade on MT4 platform or choose the innovative Status Platform. These platforms are compatible with any decides that run on Windows, Mac OS (and iOS), and Android.

However, you should always remember that the broker mostly performs the technical part of the job. Unless you take it seriously like a business or your career, you won’t probably earn much. It’s up to you to stay motivated, up-to-date, patient, and persistent. You must learn a lot all the time and implement the information and techniques in your trading. Develop a strategy and stick to it in order to have successful deals. On the other hand, you can change the strategies according to the market’s condition and trends.

Catch any opportunity to learn more. For example, you can attend webinars and interact with top specialists in the field or you can go to the conferences and get the latest news. This is also a chance to connect with some fellow traders and exchange the insights.

Aside from learning, you can test your strategies and innovations using the advantages of modern technologies. before you put your money at stake, you can apply the new plan to the old data with the help of special software and see if it might work. It does not give you any guarantees but it can definitely say if this is not going to work.

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