When you need to cold store food products in large volumes for your restaurant or catering business, cold rooms are a highly effective, versatile option. They also come in a range of product types and specs, and different types of cold rooms will suit different businesses and buildings. It’s important to understand your needs and specifications before making a decision on what to buy. Here are some of the most popular.

Combi Cold Rooms

These Commercial Cold Rooms have standalone temperature zones inside for flexibility. You’ll find a chiller between 2 C and 12 C and a freezer zone that goes down to -22 C. The chiller zone tends to be in the front, and the door opens to the warmer space. Within the chiller itself is an interior door which opens to the freezer. This product is great for occasions where food needs to be stored at different temperatures.

Modular Cold Rooms

These are perhaps the most common style of all, with very safe insulation and panels that don’t compromise food safety. They are also very simple to clean and sized for commercial use. Typically sold as flat-pack modules, they can be set to freeze at a chosen temperature range, are easy to install and can also be used for extra non-food storage.

Walk-in Cold Rooms

As the name suggests, these walk-in rooms allow people to walk inside freely, and the formats can be either combi or modular. These types of cold room have generous storage capacities and can offer large amounts of storage for food. Find out more at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms.

Industrial Chillers

Use these for bulky food storage and large items. People can walk in freely, and forklift trucks can operate in and out of the interior. This makes it very easy for stock unloading and storage. This type of unit tends to be used by large food processing industries and ice factories.

Custom Models

It’s also possible to get custom-built cold rooms that are designed to exactly suit interior space dimensions and which offer custom features that businesses need. These tend to cost more because of their bespoke nature, but many businesses will find them worthwhile if they have exacting requirements or more complex interiors with accessibility challenges.

Whatever model you choose, the cold room is likely to become an essential for any food business.


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