Warehouse work is notoriously challenging, and staff has the reputation of being transient. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the warehouse worker turnover rate stands at 46.1%. The high employee attrition results from low job security, misaligned job expectations, low pay, no growth opportunity, and undefined career path, among other factors. 

One way of addressing warehouse worker turnover is improving the warehouse working environment for your staff. Here are 5 proven tips for improving the efficiency of your warehouse operations. 

Maximize the Available Space 

Instead of expanding your warehouse’s footprint, consider making better use of the vertical space. Using taller storage units and the proper equipment to pick and store items can enable you to keep more in your current storage space. As such, you’ll avoid the exorbitant cost of expansion. 

Additionally, you should factor in the type and variety of shelves you use in your warehouse space. Storing smaller items on pallet racks wastes space and makes it difficult for you to access articles whenever you need them. Instead of using the same storage racks throughout your warehouse, it’s advisable to use different types of shelving for additional items. 

In addition, you should use standardized warehouse bins to help keep the shelves tidy and well-organized. Warehouse bins allow you to designate where various items are stored, which is essential for good warehouse organization. 

Practice Lean Inventory Management 

Inventory is an essential asset for any business. Even so, failure to move this asset quickly can become costly. The costs can include damage, storage, taxes, theft, etc. To avoid such costs, warehouse managers must practice lean inventory management. 

Lean inventory refers to increasing the value of stock by identifying and eliminating any form of waste when handling materials. Storing too much inventory in your warehouse can harm your business, but so can being too lean. As such, it’s crucial to find the right balance of the stock you should keep compared to demand and supply. 

Optimizing inventory for placement and easy access will simplify inventory management. You will also speed up order fulfillment and improve stock turnover. 

Adopt Enabling Technology 

A warehouse management system (WMS) is imperative for better managing items stored in a warehouse. A WMS with a robust warehouse management system module can enhance efficiency by suggesting the best methods and routes for picking or putting away items. The system provides an automated pick list that can send information to mobile devices to help eliminate errors and minimize wasted paper and time. As such, your warehouse will become tidier and greener.

Tracking orders through QR codes eliminates manual paperwork and enables real-time auditing. Features like this help reduce picking errors, enhance transactional accuracy, and eliminate drudgery. 

Organize Workstations 

Organized warehouse workstations impact the perception warehouse workers have of their work. And while it is true that you may not be able to set up workstations exactly how your workers prefer them, there are plenty of things you can do to make the workspace better. 

Providing employees with a conducive and well-organized workstation shows that you value them. As such, it plays a significant role in reducing warehouse worker turnover. On the other hand, a disorganized, untidy workspace filled with clutter paints a picture of you not valuing your workers. Employees working in such environments tend to focus more on their safety than on improving their productivity and are more likely to look for greener pastures. 

Organizing workstations enhances productivity, given that workers don’t have to search for items and equipment. They also don’t have to worry about getting injured since there’s no clutter in their work environment. You can ensure that your workstations are well-organized by leveraging the 5S lean methodology. The “5S” lean methodology strategies eliminate clutter, minimize errors, and enhance safety and organization. 

Optimize Labor Efficiency 

Optimizing the efficiency of warehouse labor entails more than hiring the right workers. You also need to ensure that the employees work in a conducive environment and have the right tools to complete their work efficiently. 

For instance, you should ensure that your WMS can improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations. You should also ensure that you store high-volume items together near the front of the warehouse where they can be easily accessed. Proximity will help eliminate picking delays. 

Warehouse Bins Help Keep Inventory Clean and Organized 

Improving the efficiency of a warehouse involves:

Warehouse bins are one of the tools that can help you enhance efficiency in your warehouse. These bins are perfect for solving limited shelf space and help organize complex and hard-to-manage product lines to make these products easy to pick and sort. They come with several benefits: cost-efficient, reusable, lightweight, ship flat, long-lasting, and economical. Warehouse bins are excellent for retail, produce, medical, and manufacturing of small to medium products. 

Concluding Thoughts 

In recent years, warehouse worker turnover has been on the rise. Finding and retaining talent these days is a challenge in every phase of the warehouse industry. That is why making the warehousing job easier makes an operation more desirable. The introduction of digital technology and better inventory management systems makes the warehouse much more pleasant. Businesses in the warehouse industry need to adopt these technologies to reduce employee turnover and remain competitive. 

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